Carcassonne. Horseback riding: not easy to get back in the saddle after a two-month break.

Horse riding: a successful test run at Claire Mathieu Compétition in Gonneville-sur-Scie

The first dressage competition, after confinement, took place in Gonneville-sur-Scie.Claire Mathieu organized it in her stable of owners.

Responsible for a stable of owners in Gonneville-sur-Scie (Seine-Maritime), Claire Mathieu also suffered the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

During confinement, no access to her facilities was possible and she admits that the situation was new and special.

"It was very hard for the owners who could not even come to see their horses when some usually come every day.To keep the horses in shape, there was only one solution, I have them all ( note: there are nine horses) ridden every day.In parallel, I gave news very regularly to the owners, either by videoconference, or by sending them photos.Fortunately, horse riding was the first sport to be able relaunch at least partially its activity.The standards were very strict, particularly in terms of equipment and boxes, but the most important thing was to restart."

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Subsequently, with the implementation of progressive deconfinement, the owners were again able to take the path to the stables of Claire Mathieu Compétition, followed a little later by possible companions.

Furthermore, being all regular competitors, they clearly indicated that they were in need of competition.Claire Mathieu then sought and found an appointment planned in the facilities of the Chevalerie de la Bretèque, in Bois-Guillaume, but unfortunately it has been canceled.

Posted Date: 2020-07-13

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